Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zen Packing

Preparing for a trip could be stressful.  The following are some packing tips:

1)   Do your laundry early to avoid having to rush at the last minute.
2)      Make a list of emergency contacts, address of the places you would be staying at, and a copy of your identifications. (Consider saving the contacts and travel information in your e-mail so that you could still have access to them in case you lose the physical copy.)
3)      Pack your toiletries in ziplock bags to prevent messes caused by spills.
4)      To decrease the probability of forgeting something, make a list of things you need to pack and check off the items as you pack them.
5)      Check the weather forecast of the places you are visiting so that you could plan accordingly.  

      My upcoming vacation destination’s weather forecast notes that there are slight chances of tingtinging - I mean drizzle.  I better bring my umbrella and boots to keep dry!

Good to know: Gel-filled bras are permitted through security screening and aboard aircraft.

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