Monday, January 9, 2012

TingTinging's Debut!

Hello everyone! I am excited to be writing my first blog post.  I was disappointed that the blog name "joyceee" was taken.  However, don't you think that "TingTinging" is much catchier?

I will be traveling overseas soon and was looking for something to carry my DSLR camera in in style.  One evening, since I was too early for a dinner date, I went purse browsing and fell in love with a Steve Maddens bag.  Eager to share my purchase, I started texting a friend as I was walking back to my car and misjudged stepping down a curb. Luckily I had caught my balance in time, but not soon enough because a guy nearby had saw my stumble and called it a close one.  Indeed it was!

Here I share my TingTingings with you, my new adventure purse:

Thanks for visiting!

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