Monday, January 30, 2012

Fourth Tallest - Sky100

Sky100 is currently the fourth tallest building in the world and is the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong.  How many of the following buildings have you visited?  (Click on the photo to enlarge)

It was a lucky coincidence that my cousin and I decided to go on a Wednesday, because admission price is buy one get one free if you go with a Hong Kong resident before 8PM on Wednesday.

View from the 100th floor.

Visibility wasn't great that day, but we were aware of it.  The ticketing agent pointed out to us the screen that shows the live time video feed of the viewing conditions from the observation deck prior to our ticket purchase.  We decided to go check it out anyway.  It turned out to be a fun experience, because besides the panoramic view, there are Chinese new year themed stations set up for visitors to take photos in.

The observation deck also has a cafe that serves one of my favorite treats. nom nom nom

TingTinging out!  Thank you for visiting!

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