Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Muir Woods - Mill Valley, CA

Stepping back to California... I hiked Muir Woods recently and thought that I'd share some photos of this amazing place.

It was a misty but sunny morning

The fog starting to burn off.

Saw some very prominent spider webs on the way...

Capturing the light

Exploring the trail

Descending deep into the woods.

Enjoying the tranquility

Capturing the colors

Creepy tree

Hospitable trees

Very large fallen tree

Upright trees

Trekking through the woods

Ascending the many flights of stairs on the way back.

One last look up upon the trees.

There were quite a lot of people hiking the trails in Muir Woods.  However, at times we found ourselves lonely and surrounded by the erie sound of nothingness.  It was nice.  I truly enjoyed the peace and calm sheltered underneath the trees.

Till next time...

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