Monday, January 14, 2013

the dreaded iron

Part of my de-cluttering process involves ironing my pile of growing wrinkly clothes.  To me and maybe some of you, ironing is difficult and time consuming.  It's no wonder that dry cleaning places charge $1.50+/piece for ironing services.

To avoid ironing, I generally:

1) Hang up the clothes while they are still warm from the dryer, and if the items are still wrinkled...

2) Use a steamer

If the above still doesn't get out those stubborn wrinkles, I hang up the items in the "to be ironed" section of the closet.  When the population of the wrinkled items gets out of hand, then out comes the...


Since there are so many how-tos online, I decided to google to see if there are any easy way out in ironing.  My search return was not what I was hoping for.  But here are some ironing tips!

- Before diving right in and slave away ironing, check the tag to see if the piece can be ironed.  I've learned this lesson even before I was allowed to touch an iron when my mother ironed and melted one of my favorite windbreaker jacket.

- Fill the iron with water (use distill water to avoid mineral buildup).  The steam helps get the wrinkles out easier.

- Invest in an ironing board.  Once as a child I ironed on the carpeted floor and the carpet melted...

- Flip the article of clothing inside out and iron the inside first.  Then flip it right side out and iron the outside.  If the material is delicate, you may only want to iron the inside.

- Hang or fold the garment immediately after ironing!  You've spent way too much effort on it to start over.

And if ironing still doesn't get the wrinkles out, I would probably just donate it.

How are you guys doing on your new years resolution?


I would like to delicate this post to my parents, because they used to iron everything. Although they made me the weird kid with perfectly crisp wrinkle-free gym clothes, I really appreciate the effort they put into always making me presentable, most of the time.

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