Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Another interest place I ate at in LA was Shojin.

The restaurant's menu contains...

We had the pumpkin croquette (a crunchy pumpkin and tofu croquette with homemade tomato sauce...

and I forgot what this is called but it's not meat! (it doesn't taste like meat either)

then we also had a tofu pizza (it doesn't taste like pizza but it was pretty good)

and the pirates of the crunchy roll was tasty as well.

Lastly, we had RAMEN!  This was a bit disappointing, because I thought that the broth was just a tad bit too salty...

But overall, it was a pretty good experience for my first vegan meal.  The restaurant decor was also super awesome.

I didn't bring my camera to the restroom, but there's a signed photo of Alicia Silverstone - a vegan - posted in the ladies room.  :)

tingtinging out!

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